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Westgreen Agronomy, Chloe Hoiland, Testimonial, Happy Customer

Chloe Hoiland, Westgreen Agronomy

Using the AgScouter app has helped to increase my productivity while also reducing stress. I know that I have a platform I can rely on and have all my scouting notes organized in one place. The app is also very simple, so there wasn’t a big learning curve when it came to using a new platform. Most importantly, the AgScouter team is eager to hear our feedback to ensure the app works for our operation.

Dirt Road Agronomy, Belinda DeSmet, Testimonial, Happy Customer

Belinda DeSmet, Dirt Road Agronomy

"I am loving this app, and my farmers are finding it very helpful and easy to use. The Ag Scouter app has greatly increased my scouting efficiency and allows me to get information to my farmers in a more timely manner."

AA Argonomic, AA Agronomic Consulting, Alysa Thompson, Testimonial, Happy Customer

Alysa Thompson, AA Agronomic Consulting

The AgScouter App is exactly what I was looking for. It has helped to make it so much easier to keep scouting records as well as share them with my clients. The app itself is easy to use and very user friendly which means my customers also use it, even if just for the basics of tracking important dates like spraying and seeding. At the end of the day all my scouting notes and recommendations are in the app and all I have left to do is send them the summary and recommendations either via text or email. The information I need for each field is easily and quickly pulled up in the app. It has freed up time in the summer that would have been spent finishing up scout reports and recommendations after a full day of scouting.

Testimonials, McCrea Acres, Al McCrea, Guy McCrea, Brycen McCrea, Happy Customers

Al, Guy & Brycen McCrea, McCrea Acres

“We love the simplicity of the AgScouter app. It organizes all our farm records and they can be easily accessed by everyone involved in our operation. But the thing we like the most is the instant communication between everyone — us, our operators, our agronomists — especially during times like insecticide spraying. It’s important for us that everyone stay safe and AgScouter helps us do that. ” 

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